We all remember the “Black Beatles” track. Thanks to the mannequin challenge, it would be hard to forget. I thought the song made its rounds in 2016 and would slowly fade out by the end of the year. To my surprise, I was very wrong. And I’m glad I was. The song has made a recent comeback in the form of a remix in the trailer for Battlefield 1.

Madsonik, the mastermind behind the collab “Divebomb” with Kill The Noise and Tom Morello, remixed “Black Beatles” into what sounds like a heavy hitting dubstep tune. The remix blends fluidly with the rhythms created in the new Battlefield 1 trailer. While the game has been out since last October, the remix is a fresh one and has us excited for a possible official remix EP for the track.

Check out the game trailer and the hard hitting tune below, and grab a download here.