An online data vendor claims to be selling information for over 950,000 accounts created through Coachella Music & Arts Festival‘s website, according to a report from Motherboard. The information includes users’ emails, passwords and usernames.

The trader, known by his online handle Berkut, described his stache on the Tochka dark web marketplace as, “Coachella complete database dump from this month.” He gave Motherboard a sample of more than 10,000 accounts, which they say did not include any payment details.

According to Berkut, about 360,000 accounts correspond to Coachella’s main website and 590,000 to its associated message board. The message board accounts allegedly include more detailed information such as users’ IP addresses. Berkut told Motherboard that he is selling the data for $300.

Motherboard checked with several victims, who said they had indeed created accounts with the Coachella website.


Source: Motherboard | Image: Rukes