Earlier this week, The Chainsmokers teamed up with Coldplay to release their newest single ahead of their debut album Memories… Do Not Open. “Something Just Like This” sees Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s iconic vocals above a crisp Chainsmokers production arrangement, complete with future pop synths and an inescapable rhythm. Now, the tune has received a flip from young Dutch producer Beau Collins, throwing the original components into a highly energized, futuristic atmosphere.

The remix begins with the original’s vocals left relatively untouched above a warming series of chords and sub. A distant snare leads the song upwards towards the drop, where the initial melody is exchanged for a simple but powerful array of spectrum-wide, percussive tones that match up perfectly with the light hi hats and ambience.

Listen to Beau Collins’ remix below!


Image: Rukes