Calvin Harris just released his huge collaboration with Migos and Frank Ocean, “Slide.” Of course, with the three of them, including Offset, as songwriters for the track, you already knew there would be a rich meaning underneath the lyrics.

It’s absolutely worth heading to Genius to look at the in-depth commentary on each verse, but you can check out this insightful breakdown of Ocean’s chorus.

“’Slide’ is slang for consistently engaging in, and relishing, sexual acts without strings attached. Frank questions why this person takes part in meaningless sex. He fears that if they have one-night stands “on all nights like this,” they will be with a different person on different nights. If there is a “spotlight put on the slide,” i.e. if it’s examined more closely, it is clear that this person will cheat on Frank behind his back. Frank explored this theme of sexual deviancy on songs such as “Self Control” and “Good Guy,” both of which appear on his sophomore album ‘Blonde’.


Source: Genius