While news of a new Gorillaz album may sound like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” at this point, we can see the glimpses of it peeking out from the horizon of anticipation. Gorillaz did release a protest song last month that got some pretty mixed reviews, but apparently the new album is in fact wrapped up, according to one lucky fan who got to meet band co-creator and leader Damon Albarn.

A Twitter user by the name of Jack Winstanley posted a selfie of him standing with a smiling Albarn on Wednesday night. It got interesting, though, when another Twitter user asked him if Albarn had told him anything regarding new music, to which Winstanley said, “[Albarn] says they’ve just finished the album and they’re rehearsing right now” That’s pretty big news. It could be assumed that the album had been finished by now, but the fact they’re rehearsing for live performances suggests that the new album and a corresponding tour are coming sooner rather than later. Albarn also told Winstanley that “he got a new hat for the Gorillaz tour,” perhaps a joking remark but a telling one nonetheless.

In addition to all this, another user on reddit piped and said he had met Albarn, and that the album was described as “house,” and “extremely fast/uptempo compared to “Hallelujah Money” and previous work.

My friend met Albarn again (at a Fufanu show) last night. He has some news. from gorillaz