This time of year is a busy one for Deadmau5, as the Canadian powerhouse finds himself occupied with album releases, tour preparations and more. With his “lots of shows in a row” tour beginning late next month, Deadmau5 has begun teasing his fan base with images and videos of his newly designed Cube 2.1. From his Twitch stream to Youtube videos, aspiring attendees have been graced with stunning footage of the stage’s epic display and customization options, adding even more fuel to the hype train that’s already chugging along.

Now, mau5trap and TAIT have teamed up to release the first official behind-the-scenes video of the Cube in action. Featuring clips and interviews from the technicians and designers responsible, the video goes over the construction process and conceptual idea behind creating the device.

According to the team, Deadmau5 involved himself in every aspect of the process from Day One. From the art to the movable panels to the coding involved, his entire experience was as hands-on as it could be.

Check out the most telling footage of the Cube 2.1 below.


Image: Rukes