Gryffin & Illenium have teamed up with Daya on this absolutely incredible track that will make you feel all the feels… Well, just the good ones.

“Feel Good” is synthy and daydreamy, with a bold, addictive beat that will inevitably have you moving. The melody and lyrics are effortless and relatable, making for the kind of track that gets stuck in your head all day.

This work seriously sounds like a little piece of heaven, and has us wondering how the hell we were living without it in our lives before today?!

In the wake of a whimsical build, Daya belts out:
“Take my hand in the middle of a crisis
Pull me close, show me, baby, where the light is
I was scared of a heart I couldn’t silence
But you make me, you make me feel good, I like it”

By then end of the song you’ll most definitely be screaming out, “You make me feel good!”

Listen here and let us know what you think!