It’s been reported by The Hollywood Reporter that a spiritual sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy is in the very early stages of development. And by “very early” we mean zygomatic.

The plug was pulled on a 2015 version of the film, but now it seems that there’s a chance to revive the franchise with the help of Jared Leto and Justin Springer, who co-produced Tron: Legacy and exec produced the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie Oblivion.

This news comes just a matter of days after Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron: Legacy and Oblivionspoke with Collider during a Q&A following a recent IMAX screening of Legacy. Verge writes, “He noted that the long-gestating Tron 3 was in ‘cryogenic freeze,’ but that it wasn’t dead, just ‘just sitting for the right time to move forward with it.'”

The Hollywood Reporters sources say that this potential new film won’t be a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy. Instead, it will be “built out of the source code of the deleted Tron 3 script,” with Leto playing a character from that screenplay named Ares.

That time seems to be now. Tron: Legacy made $400 million after its release, enough to warrant a sequel, but the 2015 film was shut down after a series of “shutdowns and restarts.”

The question for us now is whether Daft Punk will return to score it.


via THR