One year ago, iconic producer/DJ Paul Van Dyk fell off stage while performing at ASOT 750 in Utrecht, sustaining several severe injuries including a cracked vertebrae and concussion. After a rocky recovery and battling the effects of his brain injury, he miraculously returned to the live show circuit in June of 2016 for EDC Las Vegas. Now, Paul Van Dyk has taken to his Twitter on the anniversary of his accident to thank the people responsible for his care and support.

In his message, Van Dyk sends thanks to the emergency unit and intensive care team at UMC Utrecht, who he said saved his life. He extends his gratitude to his friends and fans who “fought for me, prayed for me and sent positive energy,” and said without their help, he wouldn’t have made it this far.

Despite the long road still ahead of him, he said, the love and support he’s received will fuel him to continue forward.

Read his full post below.