It’s been a minute since I last featured a TastyTreat track. That said, the duo has just put out a new remix for The Griswolds that I’m absolutely enamored with. The Griswolds are actually a traditional four piece band which makes the direction of the remix an even more interesting affair.

Working with the vocals perfectly, TastyTreat gives “Out Of My Head” a wonderfully playful atmosphere with their suave production chops highlighted by bubbly breaks and tasteful cuts. TastyTreat’s previous material has always showcased a pleasantly laidback attitude with their future bass and R&B styled crossover and this remix is no different.

“Working on this remix was one of the funnest experiences we’ve had in studio. We have never really worked with indie rock music, but we both have always been inspired by tunes like Out of My Head. Turning a rock pop tune into a dance-y record seemed like a challenge, but it just flowed right out into what we think is a groovy take on the original.”