The masters of chill – Direct and Mr FijiWiji – are back together for a collaboration of epic proportions. The two have linked up several times over the years (including two masterpieces on their newest respective EPs, Trust in Me and Dogma), but none of them have been quite as intimidating as this one.

“Tomorrow” is not only a duet of two insanely talented music producers, but a duet of two amazing vocalists as well, making for an unbeatable ensemble. Though Holly Drummond‘s appearance is no big surprise here (with her being a fairly frequent collaborator of Direct’s), the other feature – Matt Van – is a completely fresh face. Both singers uniquely add to the song’s atmospheric feel, combining at the song’s conclusion for an unforgettable fusion of sounds.

Production wise, “Tomorrow” follows Direct’s last EP excellently, sounding distinctly similar to the content of Trust in Me. This slowed down brand of future garage is absolutely phenomenal, especially with its dark piano chords and ambient samples. If Trust in Me wasn’t enough to get you hooked, this one should definitely do the trick.

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