Tennessee-based production duo Moniker have just released their latest remix, this time in the form of a deadly and highly experimental trap flip of BeazyTymes and Holly’s “Street Fighter.” Featuring a buffet of gnarly, screeching synths and a powerful percussion arrangement to boot, the remix is one that instantly loosens up your trap elbows and bass face.

It begins with a spastic series of wild drum hits before releasing into a menacing build up of prickly beeps and warbling atmospheric ripples. Suddenly, an ungodly web of expertly detuned plucks and metallic, scratchy bass growls unleashes into the space, punctuated by a rumbling sub bass and circulating vocal chops. After a short rest, the plucks are traded in for a spectrum-wide buzzing brass sound that overwhelms the senses and plunges you into a trap fever dream.

Listen below.