With his new, utterly blissful single ‘Tourist’ ft. Patrick Baker now out on Epic Amsterdam, it’s clear that Lulleaux is able to move through styles with ease and sophistication. We got chatting about how he goes about creating his own brand of music.

You haven’t had a conventional start to your career in music – what made you decide you wanted to take it full-time after law school?

Actually, I think every kid’s dream is to turn a hobby into your profession. Although I really liked my studies, I like music much more. When I got the chance to take it to a  professional level, it wasn’t hard to choose. I’ll always have my studies as a backup plan.

Do you remember the first tune you fell in love with?

I remember I was very impressed when I heard Tupac. His single ‘Changes’ went straight to the top of the charts and it made me decide to buy his album. I was playing it all day long. It was something fresh for me.

How would you describe your production style?

I try to combine catchy elements with a poppy sound. I know that still sounds pretty vague, but I don’t want to stay stuck into one genre.

What do you enjoy the most about being a producer?

Without a doubt, the fact that I can do what I love the most. And besides that, I like the many opportunities we have these days, to show people my music through the world wide web.

Can you talk us through your current studio set up?

Yes, sure. In front of me I got a desk with a small midi-keyboard, a big LCD screen to connect to my laptop and 2 massive monitor speakers from Adam. Next to me, I got a bigger midi-keyboard, a micro Korg and a Minilogue. Then we got some instruments like a piano and some guitars to jam on. I share my studio with another guy, who produces completely different than I do, but when we show each other our work, we  always come up with cool ideas that we wouldn’t have thought  of – that fast, ourselves.

You’ve just released ‘Tourist’ through Epic Amsterdam. Did this one take you long to write?

It did, because this was the first track in the new Lulleaux sound. Perhaps you’ve noticed, I step away from the tropical and deep house stuff a little bit, to be able to be more creative. It took me a while to got the right direction, the right sounds and beats.

What was the initial inspiration behind it?

That was the vocal of Patrick Baker himself. He wasn’t used to being ‘placed’ on a track like this.

How have fans received the track so far?

I think it’s going pretty well! I received a lot of support and features on blogs and playlists, so I am a happy person.

What career goals do you have in mind for the next twelve months?

The style switch I made made me more creative. I will release a lot more than I did in 2016, so Lulleaux is going to the next level!