No one saw this coming. Until recently, the concept of Unlike Pluto releasing on Monstercat seemed almost out of the question. On Tuesday, Monstercat posted a short video with little context other than the caption, which read “On the road to 027 with a new artist, coming soon!” The next day, Unlike Pluto posted the same video on his Facebook page, allowing watchful fans to tie the two together.

Unlike Pluto has mainly been made popular for his distinct future bass style heard on his remixes of “Revolution” by Diplo and “Anchor” by Tritonal, as well as his production for rising rapper Mike Stud. However, Unlike Pluto’s approach for his Monstercat debut is a bit different. Caught somewhere between trap, house and breaks, “Waiting for You” delves into a style Unlike Pluto has never experimented with before. With its flawless infusion of saxophone and classical-styled vocals from Joanna Jones, this one makes out to be one of Monstercat’s most unique releases so far this year.

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