DJs and producers who share their remixes, sets, and other creative work on SoundCloud can now get paid for it! It’s all part of the SoundCloud Premier program that just rolled out to support artists, monetize content, and build fan-bases.

The new program boasts, “DJs and producers are an integral part of the SoundCloud ecosystem, sharing thousands of new tracks on the platform every day. This is why we’re especially psyched to share today’s news.”

SoundCloud’s Chief Content Officer Stephen Bryan explains, “Revenue that’s generated through ads and subscription payments by consumers is divided up and paid out based on how content is consumed.”

Although exact metrics aren’t clear at this point, payments are based on “share of engagement” and “listening time.” Right now, the service is invite-only, but SoundCloud plans on inviting more users daily. Exact required criteria is uncertain, but a spokesman says artists like Chance the Rapper, Little Simz, Metro Boomin, 21 Savage, StarRo, and Toni Romiti are already on the payroll.

If you’re interested in participating, sign up here.

Source: SoundCloud / THUMP