After three years of research and development with dozens of engineers and over 50 prototypes, V-MODA is announcing the next chapter of their audio legacy, the Remix Speaker.

At just over 20cm wide, the Remix is capable of delivering phenomenal, V-MODA quality sound wherever you might go, with 10 hours of battery life before needing to recharge via USB-C. This portable hi-fi experience is made possible by a newly designed glass fiber diaphragm and long coil drivers, supported by a rear-mounted bass reflex port, and the company touts the Remix as being powerful enough for on-the-go monitoring duties for mobile production and recording.

Additionally, V-MODA’s Remix offers a built-in headphone amplifier to support higher-impedance headphones. Utilizing V-MODA’s proprietary VAMP technology, this built-in feature rivals standalone amplifiers worth over $200, and now gives consumers access to an experience long-known by audiophiles, without having to shell out extra dollars for separate device.

The device also supports connectivity with Amazon’s Echo Dot and Google Chromecast, and multiple Remixes can be daisy-chained together for an even bigger sound. Not to mention, the Remix’s built-in microphone works with voice assistants like Siri and “OK Google,” effortlessly elevating the listening experience of virtually all your existing devices.

The Remix is available in either a sleek aluminum finish or luxurious vegan leather, but the style options don’t stop there. One of its biggest selling points, apart from incredible technical prowess, is its affordance of complete customization. Users can modify all six sides of the device with customized 3D-printed options, and V-MODA will be releasing templates to the public for anyone to create their own unique design.

“After developing our critically acclaimed headphones, we felt it was time to evolve, to ‘remix’ the V-MODA sound into a new form. We already had our innovative headphones with their world-renowned sound, materials and personalization: why can’t a speaker achieve the same goals and excel at the same vision?

Now, after three long years of development, V-MODA’s REMIX is ready – travel-friendly and compact, yet with full-bodied sound that’s as detailed at low volumes as it is at full power. It is a historic landmark product, because it is the first consumer product available right now where all surfaces are customizable via futuristic additive-manufacturing technology.” – Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO

At $300, the Remix Speaker isn’t exactly cheap, but we know by now that V-MODA is nothing if not exquisite quality, and doing double duty as a bluetooth speaker and headphone amplifier, the Remix Speaker is miles ahead of anything currently on the market. Head to for more information on this incredible new product.