For those of you familiar with Pretty Sister, you know all too well that he oozes West Coast vibes. For his newest release, the self proclaimed “Z-funk” artist has hand picked five stellar producers to remix some of his hottest West Coast leaning tracks. Enlisting the help of former tour partner French Rebellion and Betty Who drummer Wallow, among others, this EP is sure to evoke a sense of happiness.

The first track off the EP “West Coast“, remixed by Lenno, struts a disco vibe to it that brings forth images of cruisin’ down Sunset Blvd. The other “West Coast” remix on the EP is done masterfully by Tobtok who creates a deep house groove for late night listening. “Come To L.A.” is remixed by a few artists. The first remix is done by French Rebellion and gives us a taste of funk inspired grooves and bass-lines. The Le Boeuf & N2N remix offers a much more laid back, Mura Masa-esque house feel. The last remix is by Mallow, where “Drive” is transformed into a Jersey inspired tuned.

Check out the full remix EP below: