Zhu aimed to stir some shit up with this latest release, “Nightcrawler,” stemming from the promo release for the track which seemingly put The Chainsmokers, Zedd and more in their graves.

The track, which is out now, ended up being a very classic Zhu track, with minimal production atop some more flourishing synths and percussion. It’s fairly standard Zhu, albeit with a more sinister idea behind the whole project.

It remains to be seen if Zhu will continue on this line of thought next week at Ultra Music Festival.

Meanwhile, ZHU also announced THE BLACKLIZT. Details are unclear as to what this project exactly is, with many speculating whether it’s a new album project or tour.

When directed to the website, www.blacklizt.club, it cryptically requests fans to submit their phone numbers, and fans are notified to stay tuned for further updates. With his aversion to public announcements on social media, it seems that this may be the only way to stay connected to future news.

It’s also curious that Marshmello, one of the producers Zhu called out in the promo video, responded to Zhu’s Instagram post about the subject, and we’re not really sure what it means… though we’ve already gone over the fact that Marshmello likes to use bots on the social media platform.


Images via Joe Vitalari @vtlmedia