Finnish producer Topi is switching things up and “Swapping Things” out. This new single isn’t the first time Topi has completely flipped his style, though. When we first started promoting Topi’s music, he was making a not-so-distinct style of deep house, but eventually moved on to brostep, catching the attention of Never Say Die, and of course, Monstercat.

After a short span of experimental releases in glitch hop, Topi is back on his house game once again. However, this time he’s not aiming to sound like anyone else, Topi has invented something totally new.

“Swapping Things” could be filed under electro house, but that’s really the only major classification it could be given. It’s wacky, to say the least. Crackling lows and electric buzzes contrast with high-pitched screeches, giving the track a full-range of flavor. The song’s left-field sound design, however, is complimented by an insanely infectious beat, giving the track potential appeal to the masses.

I’ll leave it at that, though. This song speaks for itself. Don’t miss out, this could be the biggest electro track of 2017.

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