Caroline Cecil, better known by her stage name — WHIPPED CREAM — is a rising bass music producer that you need to hear!

The Vancouver Island based electronic artist has spent her life fully immersed in music, and has found her niche with a bass heavy, hip hop inspired style that transcend multiple genres, and breathes new life into the scene.

If her 4 Nest HQ premieres, vibey DJ sets, or festival debut on Shambhala Music Festival‘s legendary Pagoda stage hasn’t already made you a fan, then “Mirrors” certainly will. The leading single is a collaboration with newcomer Hekler, and serves as an introduction to the full work from both producers, Mirrors EP.

“Mirrors” opens with chanting vocals, then clanging percussions, for just enough time to get your mind racing — wondering where it’s all heading. The first growl is a playful “psych!” as the track switches into some future bassy sweetness, only to be taken over by the heavy, savage sound we know to be the true WHIPPED CREAM touch.

WHIPPED CREAM & HEKLER definitely stay one step ahead of music trends, and now you can, too. Listen here, and let “Mirrors” reach out and grab your attention! 

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