If you’re looking for a new sound to spice up your day, we got you covered. Russia’s very own Vladimir Yershov, also known as Proff, has a four song EP, titled ‘Misidentify’, that is beautiful right to the core. It’s extremely cinematic, with each song riddled with transcendent ambiance and euphoric melodies. ‘Misidentify’ is a mix of what you’d expect to hear in stadium rattling DJ sets by the likes of Above & Beyond, with a unique, futuristic twist.

My favorite song on the EP goes by the name of “Just Don’t”, a collaboration between Proff and Fon Leman, that grabs your attention instantly and whisks you away into a magical trance. The arrangement is flawless, with these electrifying synth stabs carefully inserted in the breakdowns that get your heart racing, all the while building to a incredible climax that will have you pressing play over and over again.

‘Misidentify’ is a must-hear and belongs in your library, so listen below and grab yourself a copy here!