Tchami‘s Confession label is steadily building a reputation for shedding the light on the latest and greatest talents to breakthrough in the bass and future house scene. Some of the recent features to that spotlight include the likes of: DUSTYCLOUD, ANGELZ and of course Ultra 2017 mainstage performer Malaa. Two acts to join this endorsing recognition of the Confession imprint are the talented, LO’99 and Sinden

Together these two rising producers have put together a hard-hitting, bass-driven and club-destined EP entitled, ‘Burners’. Burners features two distinct tracks. ‘2NITE‘, my personal favourite has a perfectly crafted build, climaxing with an ever so deep, infectious bass driven melody and vocal sample. I can just imagine the likes of Ministry of Sound Club reverberating with this tune blaring all night long. The second tune, ‘WGWN‘ features piercing, siren-esque samples, crunchy building drums and of course a so solid bassline. The vocal to this tune and the featured carnival drums feel like a cool throwback to old-school jungle days with a completely modern bass house twist. Enjoy this hard-hitting EP below:

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The two producers shed light on the creative process behind, ‘Burners’ and how they came to meeting each other:

“Sir Sinden and I have been mates for a while now. We knew each other beforehand, but he actually remixed my first ever record ‘Take Me Back’!!! When I knew I was heading over to the US I immediately dropped him a msg and said let’s get in the studio and jam, and well.. what we have here is the outcome of that. Fast fwd through couple of joint sessions in the US, couple of net sessions and some mixdown work in each others own labs and we have 2 tried and tested club bits.. we’ve been playing them out every set since the WIPs became playable. Work great for us, hopefully everyone else gets a good vibe from too :)”
“LO‘99 and myself jumped in the studio whilst LO was touring the US & we worked on music. We ended up with 2 modern house tracks tailor made for our sets. 2nite and WGWN are different tracks with different energies yet sit next to each other naturally. Most importantly they were both killing it in our DJ sets. We set our sights on Confession for this one, one of the most directional labels in the game. As we are both big fans of the label, we were hoping that Tchami would share the same enthusiasm. He, thankfully, did!”