Montreal producer Robotaki, known globally for his diverse collection of uplifting originals and remixes, has just released his latest work, this time in the form of a powerful and highly stylized collaboration with vocalist Reece. “Drunk” utilizes minimal arrangement alongside complex and visceral sound design to create a vibe that can only be comparable to that of Flume’s newest album. Featuring heady, high-pitched vocals and deep, messy lead synths, the track is only made better by the video that has come along with it.

The music video for “Drunk” is also reminiscent of Flume, specifically his “Wall Fuck” art style and aesthetic. Bright primary colors mixed with unique graphic design elements take up the majority of the clip, planned perfectly so that the same visuals might be used during a live performance. In Robotaki’s video, an animated cloaked figure dances, spins and swirls around the mysterious space as the song plays on.


Image: Michelle Chiu / Billboard