We’ve already posted about a number of IDs that came out of Ultra Music Festival this year, but more keep coming – including this one from NGHTMRE at the Worldwide Stage.

NGHTMRE already teased over a dozen new tracks on Snapchat earlier this year, and this one is his newest collaboration with the one and only Dillon Francis. Coming as a spiritual sequel to “Need You,” though, we’re just a little disappointed.

Now before you bring out the pitchforks, let me clarify – the track isn’t bad. In fact, it’s a fucking banger and I’d be happy to lose my shit to it at a show. My point is that I can’t really hear any unique NGHTMRE or Dillon Francis influences in it… it could have been made by anyone.

“Need You” started off with Dillon’s signature moombah sound and had one of the most unique drops in all of 2016, let alone in either artists’ catalogue. It was a pinnacle of sound for both of them and spawned one of the most-played tracks of the year, not to mention all of the remixes that came out of it.

This new ID played at Ultra seems like it will come and go pretty quickly within the plethora of generic dubstep/trap hybrid tracks, but I hope I’m proven wrong.