Yellow Claw‘s new album dropped today and they cover a lot of ground in 13 tracks…

Los Amsterdam doesn’t open with the aggressive, trap-infused style we’ve come to expect from these guys. Instead, they go a completely different route with a sweet, uplifting synthy track that makes you feel at “Home” from the get go.

Tracks like “Open” and “Lost Paradise” put out similar vibes, while “City on Lockdown” ft. Juicy J and Lil Debbie flips the script and proves to be a rap anthem rager. The song is so intense it might have you believing these guys have taken over your city and will burn the club down.

Yellow Claw doesn’t shy away from experimenting with their second studio album. “Good Day” ft. DJ Snake and Elliphant is filled with robotic elements and sounds like it came from a Daft Punk jam sesh. “Stacks” featuring Quavo, Tinie Tempah and Cesqeaux goes for a straight up jungle terror sound.

Los Amsterdam is really fun to listen to, and doesn’t limit itself to a specific genre — although there seems to be an overall 80s theme with retro-styled effects, synths, and plucks, popping up throughout the album.

At first this album might seem it’s all over the place. But, that’s really just Yellow Claw’s, “I don’t give a f*ck,” attitude shining through in the best way possible. This Mad Decent release is better than decent… It’s definitely worth a listen!