In celebration of Incubus‘ upcoming album 8 set to release on April 21, the iconic rock group just dropped a wacky, cat-themed music video for the work’s first single. “Nimble Bastard” showcases a crew of evildoing dogs that try to thwart the band from filming their video, all while the high-energy alternative bliss plays out in front.

As part of the video’s premiere, Incubus’ Brandon Boyd sat down with Consequence of Sound for a brief Q&A in which they discussed the impetus behind the new album’s creation and Skrillex’s involvement in the creative process. An entire year before Skrillex was able to touch any of the material however, Boyd said the entire album had already been written.

“The album was already written about a year before Skrillex came in to listen to it as a friend, as a peer. He then mixed the album and co-produced a handful of the tracks on it.”

After putting his own touches on 8, Boyd said Skrillex asked to start from scratch on a remix of one of the tracks.

“He humbly asked if he could do a remix to one of the songs, so we gave him the stems, he took it, and it sounded so much better than what it had before. One of them is called “Loneliest” and another “Familiar Faces”. He didn’t really bring what you’d expect though.”

Having begun his career in rock with the recently revived group From First To Last, Boyd said Skrillex’s knowledge of the alternative sound Incubus was looking for was spot on.

“Sonny is a fantastic musician, and as you said he comes from rock and roll, so he knows his way around a guitar. It was really exciting to see an added layer to this onion.”

Check out the video for Incubus’ lead single “Nimble Bastard” off 8 below.