Back in January of 2016, Steve Angello released his debut album Wild Youth. Described by Angello himself as “the soundtrack to my life,” the work’s many singles became some of the most common tracks played out on main stages around the world. Now, with another full year of touring and studio time under his belt, the Swedish powerhouse has emerged onto Twitter to give his fans updated information regarded the album’s official 2017 follow-up.

The timeline begins in November of 2016, when one fan asked Steve if he could reveal to him the title of his forthcoming sophomore album. He replied, saying that the name could be found scripted on the Wild Youth vinyl. Another fan discovered the words “Almost Human” etched on the record, making a comparison with Daft Punk’s own “Human After All.”

Today, Angello followed up on the information with what appears to be a direct confirmation of the new album’s title. The words “Almost Human” were written in a tweet alongside a dark and cryptic music video. The 28-second clip is drenched in distorted, screeching noise as dimly lit shots of windows, powder, hallways, sharp edges and distant lights flash across the screen.

Whether or not this type of imagery and overall tone will characterize Almost Human is yet to be seen.

Check out the video below.

Also, the same S–A can be seen in his following tweet about Coachella, followed by the words, “Dump out all jealousy.” Could it be the name of a single he’ll be premiering? We’ll have to wait until April 14 and see.


Image: Rukes