Being in music journalism, there’s always been quite an influx of accessible promotional releases that come and go through my inbox. Some of these productions are quite good, but don’t really simultaneously send the classic shivers down my spine that some of the classics do.

Every once in a great while though, I catch the scent of something truly special under my curious nose. This time, it was through a low-quality Facebook video that someone had thankfully recorded of Boomtown Festival, that I was abruptly paused. I fell in love with the short clip immediately.

In this monumental Calyx & Teebee twist, the legendary duo themselves shell out an absolutely ridiculous rendition of Sigma‘s epic anthem “Slow Down.” By harvesting a strategic majority of the euphoric elements from the original, the team preserves the original theme of the tune, while providing an immensely-satisfying dance floor drum and bass twist for all fans of the 174 family.

Luckily for us all, there’s an entire remix EP on 3 Beat for release on April 28th.

You can see Sigma live