Al Jazeera posted a heartwarming video to its Facebook page today, detailing the life of 82-year-old dumpling cook Sumiko Iwamuro and her monthly late-night gig DJing techno heaters in Japan’s red light district.

According to Sumiko herself, the jazz and classical melodies she infuses with the techno add interest and uniqueness to her sets. Even the fans, young as they may be, say the energy of Sumiko’s performances extends far past the boundaries of age.

Sumiko began DJing in her 70’s, the video says, after spending a year learning the practice at a DJing school. The most important part of her shows, she says, is making sure the audience is enjoying themselves.

In the video, Sumiko is shown crafting dumplings in the Chinese restaurant she owns with her brother during the day, and playing a packed nightclub once the sun goes down. Watch below.


H/T: Stoney Roads