We’ve already made our own thoughts on The Chainsmokers’ new album abundantly clear, but for the most part, the die hard fans are keeping their heads up and partying on, dumping praise and accolades on the release. However, critics are much harder to please and the album has received absolutely terrible scores according to Metacritic.

The platform, which aggregates scores across websites, gives Memories… Do Not Open a 43 out of 100, based on 7 critics from sites like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, making it the second lowest scoring album of the year so far; only Canadian-rapper NAV’s self-titled album is below it, at a 42. Though, on the user side, things look much more bleak. Out of a total of 189 ratings, the album has received a score of 1.3, making it the lowest user-rated album of the year so far. For comparison, the next lowest score is for Ed Sheeran’s Divide, and even that received a comparatively generous 4.3

The Chainsmokers have had a rough go of it since the release of the album nearly a week ago, but their MDNO tour begins tonight in Miami … so we’ll just have to see how that goes. Based on the reviews of their opening night, we might see a lot of tickets on Stubhub in the morning.


H/T StereogumImage via Rukes.com