A new tune popped up yesterday from Lowly Palace that caught my attention enough and should definitely be discussed and shared. The same imprint that has shared music from Paris Blohm and Unlike Pluto, to name a few, introduces it’s latest track “Whatcha Think” from Michigan producer Evix.

The song opens with soft vocal bits that warp the pitch creating this alien yet comforting noise. Featured vocalist Jake Herring enters the track with a type of folksy twang while the lyrics drop references to Steve Aoki and hard labor. The way Herring’s vocal delivery lingers over the instrumental adds a great deal of soul over the cloudy ambiance presented by Evix. If I didn’t know better, Jake’s singing sounds like the frontman of Mumford & Sons singing on a Zayn track. The drops shower a sensational amount of sugary synths reinforced with punchy melodic composition. Each beat, reacquainted with vocal chops from earlier, flourish in the same manner that makes up some of the greatest future bass tracks.

Make sure to give a listen to Evix and his track “Whatcha Think” featuring Jake Herring.