This sort of deep house ‘slash’ tropical house sound isn’t new… in fact, I’m surprised it’s still being made at all. That being said, it takes a brave sort of producer to tackle a dying genre, and an even more talented one to make people stand up and notice. Triarchy fits all of these descriptors and more with his new track “Coconuts,” featuring J.Lauryn.

“I was in LA and met with the singer/songwriter J.Lauryn. After listening to a couple of my tracks, she got in her creative space and sung, ‘Sippin outta coconuts.’ I immediately fell in love with the concept for the song. We wrapped up the vocals in the same session and we knew we had something special on our hands!” – Triarchy

The melody and rhythm are fun and bouncy, making for an easily digestible listening experience that anyone could enjoy. My one gripe with the track are the vocals: J.Lauryn’s voice itself is fantastic, but I often find myself zoning out during the verses and snapping back to attention when she starts with “sippin out of coconuts” ahead of the drop. Maybe that has something to do with how the vocals play along with the production, but who knows.

Overall, I do love the track and find it really fun. You can grab it via iTunes here.