I’ve been following and covering On Planets for a little while now, but never before has he exhibited his musical identity as clearly and as beautifully as he’s done with his new EP, Personal Space.

On Planets sings on every track, already giving it a personal touch that so many producers are realizing gives their music more body and soul (Anna Lunoe and Goshfather, just for two). Fans have already heard “Cure” and “Too Bad / So Sad,” with “First Tour” and “Chapter” now being introduced.

It’s a brilliant blend of indie and electronic, using soft chords and intricate melodies to evoke an emotional and physical response in listeners. Before you know it, you’re unconsciously bobbing your head and moving your body, letting the music control your sway and rhythm. Listeners will find greatest pleasure in this EP when they just succumb to the music…

Personal Space is out now via Majestic Casual, listen below and grab a download here.