If you listened to pop radio over the past year or so, there’s a good chance you heard the song “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors. It’s one of those songs that lets the vocalist shine brightest, with rather minimal production or instrumentation behind the track. It’s always a bold move because in addition to the lead singer needing to sound amazing in the studio, they’re going to have to pull it off live, too. Thankfully, X Ambassadors can do that.

But it’s a bolder move for a typically “EDM” group to cover such a song. Again, thankfully, Cosmos & Creature pull it off. They do add some additional instrumentation to the cover, but overall it works as a brilliant new version of an already breathtaking track.

Cosmos & Creatures say of the cover, “We were on our first tour in February/March and we worked out a cover of unsteady by the x ambassadors. We were really inspired by the message in the song & at every show the kids were screaming the lyrics back to us. We wanted to record our own version so we produced the track in the back of the van between cities & we finished it as soon as we got off tour.

It was also just announced that Cosmos & Creature have signed with PRMD Music, joining a roster that includes PLS&TY, Cazzette, Pluto, iSHi and Hotel Garuda.