Pierce Fulton burst onto the scene a few years back, making exciting progressive, electro, and experimental house music. Over the years, as his tastes and voice have evolved, he began to channel some more influences. This led to his EP Borrowed Lives, the songs “Pantheon”, “Echo Lake”, and “False Proof”, and a recent album single “Life In Letters”. Well, fans of “Kuaga” can rejoice in the newest single from Pierce Fulton, as he takes a step back from the alternative inspired electronic music and returns to his progressive house roots.

Home In August” is the most recent single from Fulton’s upcoming debut album. It features uplifting echoing choirs, tight kicks, and beautifully arranged progressive house synths. This track is just in time for summer dancing and has us begging for more from the talented artist. The upcoming debut album is going to be one for the books and will surely solidify Fulton as an industry leading electronic artist. We caught up with Fulton a few weeks back to discuss the debut album, you can read the interview here.

Check out the newest single from Pierce Fulton’s upcoming debut album below: