The up and coming producer and DJ Demicat, has just released an EP titled Oredorok. The EP features the talented producer’s eastern take on western music. Combining elements of future bass and trap with some eastern influenced instrumentation and harmonies, Oredorok is a refreshing take on stagnant genres.

The EP title Oredorok translates from Koreon to English into forever or for a long time. The five track EP solidifies Demicat’s unique sound in the western market, hopefully for a long time. “Kai-wha”, “LIGHT feat. Neon Bunny”, and “Chiwhazin” exhibit more future bass inspiration, whereas “Spirit Moves” is a trap banger without a doubt. “BLUE feat. DUVV” has elements of both trap and future bass. All the tracks offer a unique take on current trending genres and definitely provoke the listener to expand their understand of future bass and trap.

Check out the EP below: