Facebook page Demo Drop posted a fan-recorded video this morning taken at one of Deadmau5‘s recent live performances, showing the unmasked producer dancing on stage while he plays Avicii’s “Levels.”

Deadmau5 has long been known as a vocal critic of “Levels,” due to its immense popularity among EDM and non-EDM listeners. The track has gained so much prominence in radio culture, it’s even taken on the form of a meme online.

According to Demo Drop’s video description, Deadmau5 was drunk when he decided to play out “Levels.”

The last time mau5 dropped “Levels” live was in June of 2015 at Verboten in New York. Before that, he even played a mashed up version of the track during his 2014 Ultra performance.

Watch the newest clip below.


Image: Rukes