It’s a rare occasion when a vocalist and a producer have perfect chemistry, especially when it comes to electronic music. For Mr FijiWiji, finding a regular vocalist seems to have been a struggle. Though he has made some absolutely beautiful pieces throughout the last few years (featuring vocalists like ARUNA and Danyka Nadeau), singers seem to go as fast as they come. However, 2017 seems to have brought the Fij perfect compatibility with one particular vocalist: Matt Van.

Beginning with the phenomenal “Tomorrow” back in March, Brendan Galdo (Mr FijiWiji) and Matthew Sedan (Matt Van) have – quite literally – not stopped making music together. Just a few weeks ago, Sedan and Galdo released their fresh take on Ed Sheeran‘s “Dive,” but the pair is already back together for another amazing original, titled “Andromeda.” Much like its namesake, the track is both mysterious and atmospheric. Just like their previous work together, Matt Van’s vocals complement the production perfectly, giving the song an additional level of complexity and beauty.

In related news, co-producer Exist Strategy is back once again with his first Monstercat release since “Voyager” in 2013. Though I didn’t know how Exist Strategy would follow up to his last collaboration with Mr FijiWiji (the textured and soulful “Drunkard”), “Andromeda” most definitely came as a pleasant surprise.

Listen to “Andromeda” and download the track below:

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