SKisM‘s Never Say Die never needs an introduction and neither does the producer behind its latest release – Spag Heddy. Picking up where he left off with his debut EP Oh My!, it’s more multi-track madness on Meatball Mafia, a four-track EP packed full of delicious dubstep cuts.

The Dutch superstar producer and DJ flexes his melodic muscles across all the EP’s tracks without ever letting up on the relentlessness of the beats – this can be evidenced on opening track ‘Samir VIP’, which chops and thumps its way out of the speakers.

Heddy keeps the intensity high by getting Manchester’s very own Virus Syndicate for a collaboration on ‘Bring It’, which matches high tempo beats with an energetic vocal to devastating effect. There is also some real fire with Tisoki, which we highly recommend.

Get Meatball Mafia here.