For the first time ever, Calvin Harris has just been listed among the top 60 wealthiest people from Scotland after yet another massive 2016 windfall which saw him take in £25 million last year, boosting his overall net worth to £120 million.

In addition, he’s also broken into the top 1,000 wealthiest people in Britain and the 21st wealthiest UK music star as well. He also continues to hold the position of world’s highest paid DJ after dethroning Tiësto back in 2013, and though the rankings for 2017 have yet to come out, I don’t expect to see any changes there just yet.

Much of that wealth comes from a combination of successful pop records from not only his artist project, but as a writer and producer for other pop stars as well. His residence at Las Vegas megaclub Hakkasan is another large contributing factor to his wealth thanks to his booking fee, which is estimated in the commanding $500K range. And, we can’t forget his stints as a super model which surely pay out in a big way as well.

H/T: Scottish Sun | Featured Image Source: Rukes