British prince of house music and tech house Eats Everything has established himself as one of electronic music’s strongest DJs since emerging in 2010. Under this moniker, Daniel Pearce has cultivated a name and brand that started by making infectious tunes to collaborating with other industry bosses like Claude VonStroke, Skream, Jamie Jones, and more while maintaining his own label, Edible Records. He also dominates with his worldwide performances reaching from Downtown Miami during Ultra Music Festival to never-ending island partying of Ibiza residencies that occupy the summer.

Recently, I got a chance to sit with Dan and talk about what he’s been up to and what he’s planning to do with 2017.

To start off this interview, what is the typical mindset you have going into a set?

Eats Everything: I don’t always “plan” a set. I usually show up, play, and leave. Depending on the venue and the occasion such as Ultra [Music Festival], I’ll go in heavy and play some proper techno. When I play the Arcadia show, it kicks off with the sunset and all the people.

That’s interesting because last year you performed in the Mega-Structure back-to-back with Cassy. Do you have a preference between doing back-to-back sets or solo sets?

Eats Everything: The preference depends on the situation. If you’re playing really early like I did during that set with three hours and a mate, then it’s cool. Let’s say you’re playing a set for an hour and a half and you’re mate is playing right after you. Why not go back-to-back with him or her and make it three hours? I think the major difference between the “EDM DJs” and the “underground DJs” (with big quotation marks over EDM and underground DJs) lies in that we tend to DJ for hours and hours and hours. Even though I don’t consider myself to be underground, it seems like a lot of other DJs go on stage and BOOM they’re done. But more often then not, I prefer to solo it. 

What’s a song that you find yourself throwing into your sets frequently?

Eats Everything: I try not to play the same records as I am fortunate enough to play so many different kinds of gigs. But the one record I do play and it might be a bit self indulgent, but it is my remix of “Flash” by Green Velvet. It’s just the perfect opener with the way it wails like “WAAAAHHH,” you know? I actually use an intro that Green Velvet made especially for me that I absolutely love.

I read an interview you had with the Huffington Post about your label Edible Records. In it, I caught this quote of yours where you said, “We wanted to put out music from new kids not getting so much attention and heads from back in the day that we have admired…for example Brett Johnson.” With a year already under your label’s belt, have you found more new guys to showcase through your label and who are they?

Eats Everything: Elliott Adamson! I know he’s going to be a big star. He makes different music from anyone else and he’s a crazy bastard! He’s one of those weird-genius type of people. I like to think that I’m good with English and with words, but he’s like 22 and will use words I’ve never even heard of before. He’s like a proper crazy, genius guy. Lord Leopard, as well, is another one of our guys. I just signed a track on my label and he just put out an EP on Dirtybird. 

You’ve also mentioned, in the past, that gaining traction for a new label is pretty difficult. What are you and your team doing to combat this problem?

Eats Everything: We are trying to sign music that is different than anyone else. So far, I think we have achieved that. I think one of our biggest hits and, I say this with big quotation marks, most “formulaic” record was the Lauren Lane one. It was the most “tech-house-y” sort of tune populating the many clubs, climbing up the charts, and everything else. I still feel that it was a fairly unique sound for a tech-house record, but it was the most “formulaic banger.” It’s a choice in our record label that we sign stuff that no one else puts out in order to stand apart on the download sites and social media. I think we’re finally getting there.

What are your biggest plans for 2017?

Eats Everything: Ibiza is always the biggest thing. Every year, it makes my career bigger. You get three months versus the Miami Music Week’s three to five days. If you do a good job in Ibiza, you get set up. I have Resistance, Paradise, and so much more already planned for the summer. Label-wise, We have this Paul Walford track that’s absolutely mental, the first Elliott Adamson track, and Lord Leopard’s second track [on our label]. We have this plan of big guns, followed by new guys, then back to big guns, and so on for releases on our label so far and I’m excited about all of it.