Mind Vortex are releasing their brand new VIP remix of the dance floor hit, “Future Fold” today, and it’s a hotly anticipated track for the summer festival season. The original “Future Fold” released in 2015 on RAM Records’ RAM 200 compilation and it’s been in heavy rotation ever since. Now with a VIP mix to add to the catalog, Mind Vortex have secured the status of “Future Fold” as a true drum and bass anthem. No easy feat.

The differences between “Future Fold VIP” and its predecessor are subtle but noticeable. The intro to the VIP mix is shorter, but there are a few more theatrical elements to it right before the beat begins. The beat structure is essentially the same on both tracks, but on the break before the first drop and subsequent breaks thereafter are more techy, a little faster and contain much more snares. This gives a track that was already very high energy even more dancefloor cache. If there is any difference in the beats, it comes after the main mixdown where the drum and bass beat (there’s a halftime portion as well) is stripped down and punched up, with less ambient snare sounds than the original. The result is a clean beat that loses none of its potency and breaks which pop within that punchy beat structure. It’s a VIP remix in every sense of the word.

“Future Fold VIP” is out tomorrow, May 10 on RAM records and will be available on Spotify, iTunes and via RAM’s website.