Gorillaz new album Humanz is awesome, but “Feel Good, Inc.” is one of those legendary songs that will forever define their music… So when Stephen Colbert ever so effortlessly joined the band as a fill in for De La Soul to rap the iconic tune for The Late Show Presents: Bonus Tracks, we were shocked at how good it was!

It was so smooth, if it weren’t for the graphics we might not have noticed it was the talk show host that joined Damon Albarn and his band to perform one of their all-time biggest hits. Colbert should really consider a side rap project because he absolutely killed it!

This is just one of the highlights from the 30-minute Gorillaz concert at Ed Sullivan Theater that went down after their televised “Let Me Out” performance with Pusha T.  Watch the very special performance below, and see the full Bonus Tracks episode here!