Travis Scott‘s birthday concert at Terminal 5 in NYC this Sunday got just a little too turnt when fans started jumping down from the balcony!

People were reportedly dangling from the second level when the rapper stepped in to coordinate a safety net of concert-goers to break the fall of those coming down from the balcony. “Are you gonna do it?,” Scott reportedly asked a fan. “I see you but are you gon’ do it? They gon’ catch you. Don’t be scared! Fall!”

A fan located on the third level balcony seemingly took that as an invitation to jump from a dangerous height and allegedly broke his leg from the fall. Ouch. But, Scott didn’t let it go unnoticed, as he rewarded the daring fan with one of his own, probably ridiculously expensive rings.

Then, there’s this…

This chain of events seems very bizarre, but for Travis Scott it’s just another wild show. Back in 2015, the rapper convinced the crowd to beat up a guy who attempted to steal his shoe during a performance. Just minutes into his Lollapalooza set that same year he was arrested for inciting a riot.

It’s almost too crazy to believe, but here’s a clip of the ring exchange below:


Source: BillboardEDM Tunes | Image via Ajani Photography