Diplo just dropped a new track two days ago with Justin Bieber, Rich The Kid and Young Thug and that one did not get a phenomenal reception. For the second pairing of Diplo and Bieber, it was perhaps the addition of autotuned rappers that brought it down; though for his own part, Bieber’s verse was pretty solid.

Today, a new Diplo production for rapper XXXTENTACION just dropped and it’s unlike anything we’ve heard from the producer previously. The track has a light and bouncy rhythm with very delicate synths and percussion, never really hitting hard or harshly. Combined with the vocals, the track isn’t something we’d expect to hear from Diplo ever, but it’s really hitting us in the right places.

Unfortunately, it seems fans of XXXTENTACION aren’t as happy with the track, judging by the Soundcloud comments. But either way, it’s worth 137 seconds of your time.


Image via Rukes.com