Kaytranada has been setting the music industry on fire lately, notably working with Nick Murphy (AKA Chet Faker) and lending a hand for Kendrick Lamar‘s already classic DAMN.

People are definitely taking notice, and it sounds like Pharrell even wants in on the action!

During his Beats 1 Radio show, OTHERtone, Pharrell almost hypothetically threw out the idea that he and the producer should do an EP together, focused on Haitian roots. The exchange is interesting, because it turns less hypothetical and more “dead ass” by the end.

At first, Kaytranada seems taken off guard by the offer Pharrell is putting on the table, and then after briefly mulling it over, he returns cooly with, “sure it would probably work well.”

We can’t even think about how crazy that would sound, but we’re all for it!


H/T: Dancing Astronaut | MixMag