Another week another milestone… yet again. “Closer” by The Chainsmokers & Halsey has broken all sorts of records so far, so why not add another accomplishment to the list? Yesterday, “Closer” officially crossed 1 billion streams on Spotify clocking in at 1,001,370,486 in this morning’s update.

To date, it’s the second most popular song on Spotify right after “One Dance” by Drake which sits at a cool 1,220,066,439 streams. “Lean On,” “Sorry” and “Shape of You” are all in the 900 million stream range, but for now the billions club only has two members.

“One Dance” has been averaging around 6.7 million streams weekly for the last month while “Closer” has notched close to 9.3 million streams weekly in the same period, so first place on Spotify isn’t too far out of reach for The Chainsmokers.

Congratulations to them once again!