The latest release from Flux Pavilion, a double header EP with “Pull the Trigger” feat. Cammie Robinson and “Cut Me Out” feat. Turin Brakes, despite gaining hundreds of thousands of plays, seemingly slipped under the radar of many. However, Jaykode has put a spin on “Cut Me Out” that proves to be very memorable.

Probably my favorite part of the remix is the addition of the piano and strings, noticeably absent from the original. It shows that kind of foresight and creativity beyond “I’m going to play with the synths and see what happens,” and goes to “I’m going to make this track mine.”

The drop is 100% different from the original, which I find enthralling and engaging; who wants to listen to the same track twice? And Jaykode has always occupied this space of creative blending of future sounds and trap, so are we really surprised it’s awesome?

This one’s available as a free download, so add it to your library now and listen below!


Photo by Scotch Photos for Insomniac Events