Diplo has teamed up with Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty for what could be the hit of the summer!

Last year’s summer song “Broccoli,” a collaboration with D.R.A.M. featuring Yachty’s “bubblegum trap” style, was a breakout hit for the young rapper. You couldn’t go anywhere — especially not a club or a festival or anywhere with a radio — without hearing the catchy tune or a remixed version.

“Forever Young” sounds like it could achieve the same popularity and serve as a playground for remixes, featuring a mellow, tropical trap beat and indescribable yet obvious Diplo flair. To accompany the track, Yachty lays down some of the most personal lyrics on his album Teenage Emotions.

If I break your heart then I’m a dumb dude
You get what you give and I’m the one who loses

But we could be together forever
But we could be together forever and ever
I wanna live life with you forever and ever
Together / Forever young / Forever young

So, is “Forever Young” the song of the summer? Only time will tell!

Lil Yachty’s album Teenage Emotionsout now is .