Simply said, 2017 has been the year of unexpected, yet absolutely monumental collaborations on Monstercat. Just last month (with the release of Uncaged Vol. 1) the label gave us the ultra-heavy mega-collaboration “Unity” (which came only weeks after Aero Chord and Wolfgang Gartner‘s more-than-shocking “Borneo“), so having another crazy collision on our hands is quite the treat.

When “Get It All” was premiered on Monstercat’s weekly podcast three weeks ago as an ID, many listeners were quick to pin it as SlushiiDion Timmer‘s highly-anticipated collaboration (probably due to its gleeful trap tones and colorful vocal chops) but the true masterminds behind the track were none other than Monstercat’s newest recruit – MYRNE – and the electronic music vet Popeska.

While a release of this general caliber is no big surprise for the likes of MYRNE, “Get It All” is a huge change of pace for Popeska (whose last Monstercat release was a hard-hitting electro/breaks remix of Vicetone‘s “Heartbeat” in 2013). For being such a broad hybrid of sounds, “Get It All” ends up coming out surprisingly chill. That’s not to say that the track is at all disappointing, it just definitely takes some getting used to given the two names behind it.

What do you think about “Get It All?” Listen to the track and download below:

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